Please note SweetP Cakes and Cookies is completely booked out for the following dates:
1st to 16th March, 2021
2nd April to 8th April 2021

Dulux sprinkles base and ruffled icing crown.

Avaliable in two sizes (tall size pictured).

6inch x 5inch (regular height) - serves 24 small serves or 12 large serves

6inch x 8inch (tall height) - serves 48 small serves or 24 large serves

Please note sprinkle mix may vary depending on availability of sprinkles.


Please provide 2 weeks notice to have this cake made or contact SweetP via email to check availability if required earlier.

Cake Care Tips:

- When transporting your cake keep your cake as cool as possible and on a flat surface.

- Keep your cake refrigerated and bring to room temperature 1/2 hour to 1 hour before serving.

- To achieve clean cuts of your cake slices, use a sharp (not serrated) knife, dipped in hot water and wiped dry before each cut. See the Images for a cutting guide.

- Cakes decorated with fresh or edible flowers are best eaten within 24 hours of collection, to avoid the flowers wilting.


Please allow a minimum of 7 days to book. 

Sprinkle Birthday Cake